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Large Gold Medal
Anglesey Show 2015
Southport 2016
  Large Gold Medal
Môn Cacti
My interest in Cacti began when I went on holiday to Tenerife in 2005.
Southport 2017 
Large Gold Medal and Challenge Trophy
I was facinated by the many different Cacti growing on the island, and brought home an Echinocactus grusonii.   Since then, my Collection has grown to fill two greenhouses.
In 2008, I started competing with small displays of Cacti at local shows.

By 2014, I ventured further afield and entered a large display of Cacti at the Royal Welsh Show at Llanelwedd, the Premier Show in Wales.
In 2015,  I was accepted to exhibit  my Cacti at the Southport Flower Show.
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